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The Public Officers’ Ethics Commission, hereafter referred as (POEC) was established in Seychelles upon the enactment of the Public Officers’ Ethics Act, on 11th August 2008. Thereupon  POEC was established. On 12th August 2008, the  POEC’s Secretariat was  set  up. The foundation for an ethical culture had been laid.  

It had initiated and launched an Ethics Sensitisation and  Awareness Campaign Programmes  as given  below:

  1. A Symposium on “Building Strong Institutions in an Evolving Democracy” was held, which brought  all stakeholders together.
  2. The weekly dissemination of ethics messages to the general public, in close collaboration  with the Seychelles’  national Newspaper (NATION); 
  3. Poem and Painting Competition for students in secondary schools to express their views and opinion on Corruption’ and  its effect on society. Winners from both competitions were awarded  a prize;
  4. The publication of a Code of Conduct and Ethics’ Handbook and its dissemination to all Public Sector’s organisations in  2009.
  5. Delivery of educational programmes to targeted audience across various hierarchical layers of Public Sector organisations.

Therefore, like any academic or  non-academic skill, ethics or decent behaviour also needs to be developed and objectively assessed.

Over the last 5 years POEC has embarked on the following  Programmes:

  • A sample position survey on ethics in the public sector was carried out
  • Training of Trainers from 26 organisations
  • Ethics & Integrity training for Cohort of Procurement Officers
  • Training Sessions on Creating and sustaining an Ethical Workplace
  • Ethical Leadership sessions for supervisors/managers
  • Inter-Government Ethics Quiz Competition

About the POEC

To administer and enforce the Public Officers’ Ethics Act which comprises of the code of conduct and ethics for public officers and declarations of income, assets and liabilities for designated public officers.