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The Seychelles Police snatched first place in the finals of the ethics quiz championship which was organised to coincide with public service day. The competition was organised by the Public Officers Ethics Commission (POEC) as part of its education programme for public officers. The finals were held at National House on June 25 2015. The Seychelles Police team which comprised sub-inspector Flint Gappy, sub-inspector Ralph Agathine and sergeant Rudy Benstrong shared their excitement with Seychelles NATION.

They said they had dedicated a lot of hours out of their busy schedule to study the codes of ethics. They also called on other organisations to show up next year and take part in the championship to make it more exciting and they proudly stated “it’s not about winning, it’s about educating”. Addressing the audience present at the final, the chief executive of POEC Mina Crea said this quiz programme is one of the commission’s strategies to combat and prevent unethical practices and behaviour in the workplace.

“This programme will outline and address the many ethical challenges which our organisations are confronted with; and provide the participants with the necessary techniques to handle ethical issues so as to maintain the highest standard of conduct in their respective organisations,” Ms Crea stressed. She also recommended that ethics be integrated as far as possible into every training module being run by the different organisations.

The POEC programme development Co-Ordinator Anissette Lucas said if she was satisfied with the performance of those who were present, she was not however pleased with the level of involvement. She also pointed out that this quiz was a fun way for them to learn ethics as now the commission booklets on the code of conduct and ethics are out of stock since the launch of the quiz                                         

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To administer and enforce the Public Officers’ Ethics Act which comprises of the code of conduct and ethics for public officers and declarations of income, assets and liabilities for designated public officers.