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“Therefore it goes without saying that it is the responsibility of a public officer not to engage in unethical behaviour and also to report such incidence to the relevant authority,” Mrs Crea said.

“The ethical philosophy an organisation uses to conduct business, whether it is by its leaders or employees, can affect its reputation, its productivity and employee retention,” said Mrs Crea.

She said the ethics that an organisation uses to manage its employees may have an effect on the moral and loyalty of the workers. When leaders have high ethical standards, it encourages employees in the organisation to meet that same level.

“And when employees use ethics to guide their behaviour, perform their work with honesty and integrity, it enhances the reputation of the organisation. 
Therefore leaders and workers alike should adhere to a code of ethics in order to help create an ethical organisational culture,” Mrs Crea added.

Referring to a quote from the late Martin Luther King Jr: “The time is always right to do what is right”, Mrs Crea said an ethical leader will constantly do what is right, because it is right.

“Right speech, right action, right livelihood and right effort are all about ethical conduct,” she said, while acknowledging that unfortunately many of us may find it difficult to follow values such as honesty and integrity because we have not perceived the benefits that come to us by following these values.

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Therefore, Mrs Crea said, in order to win the war against unethical behaviour in the workplace on a lasting basis, a transformation of our attitudes is needed. Public officers should remain determined to protect public resources and to use them prudently and for their intended purposes. Management can also reinforce ethical behaviour in their employees by rewarding those who exhibit the guiding values underpinning their organisations.

The CEO pointed out that the POEC has devised a number of strategies to combat and prevent unethical behaviour and practices in workplaces and that the training programme is one of them. 


About the POEC

To administer and enforce the Public Officers’ Ethics Act which comprises of the code of conduct and ethics for public officers and declarations of income, assets and liabilities for designated public officers.