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Quid pro quo, translated to “this for that”, is a type of exchange-based sexual harassment.

If job benefits are offered to an employee on the condition that they partake in some form of sexual conduct, it’s typically referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment.

In this situation, the harasser, who is often a manager or senior-level employee, may offer something of value for a sexual favor. It can also be a form of blackmail.

Examples of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

In exchange for romantic or sexual services, the victim may:

  • Receive a job offer
  • Receive a promotion
  • Receive a raise
  • Receive opportunities
  • Avoid a demotion
  • Avoid termination

Quid pro quo sexual harassment can be either explicit or implicit. The harasser may outright ask for the exchange or may hint at it (“Don’t you want this job?”).


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